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About us

Company Trgo - Term TRANSPORTATION Vrbić since 1992 - lead company in the shipping industry. We has been present since 1968 , and until now we successfully operate in the international and domestic road transport.

During the years of dedicated and professional work, accumulated experience, the company has successfully developed and established itself on the market of transport services.

The content of our services are called out as a quality, safe, fast transport of all types, according to the variety of cargo-circulating in the international market of transport of goods.

To maintain existing transport security services, we ensure the burden of carrying, highly valued by the insurance policy in the leading insurance company in the country.To maintain and develop the quality of work / services-the company has employed:

  • ambitious, educated, and skilled team of workers, an innovative and maximum flexibilan in meeting the transport service / customer requirements;
  • drivers: professionally trained, technically versed and have long experience in international transport ...
The vision and goal

We think and we want to present the satisfaction of our many, many years-both domestic and foreign  business partners. The security and efficient rapid organization and execution of transportation services is the warranty and best recommendation to our future business partners .